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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Xbox dashboard feature request: Video Sizing

Now that the Xbox 360 can playback most of the videos I want to watch from my computer I've been using it as my primary 'media center' in my living room. Every time I startup a video I'm forced to change the resolution of the video to 'Stretched' or 'Letterbox' manually. Having to change the resolution each time is tedious and poor UI design. It is also counter intuitive considering that Microsoft is expecting their customers to control the UI through their controller. The controller turns off after only a few minutes of inactivity. Since most movies and TV shows last longer than 6 minutes users are then forced wait another 20 sec after every video to turn on the controller again. I have a nice enough remote that I don't need to rely on the controller for playback but this would just be the extra layer of polish that video playback on the 360 needs.

Allowing the 360 to playback divx and other popular video formats is great but why the hell won't it auto adjust the size of the content to your TV's resolution. Its a small feature request but after constantly dealing with customers that can't even recognize that their 1080p TV is only showing content in 480p.

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