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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PS3.. probably not for me

Originally I had planned to camp out for a day and a half to buy the PS3 as soon as it launches 11/17 and sell it to make some big easy money. But as of right now (midnight of 11/15) every store within a 50 mile radius already has 10-20+ people waiting outside their doors. Of all those stores Best Buy is the only one I know of that is even receiving more than 10 total units. So much for making an easy $800+ dollars. As of now the average price of a PS3 on eBay seems to be about $1,500 with bundles going for as much as $2,300+. If people are already waiting to buy one 30 hours before launch then I can only imagine what the price of a PS3 is going to be around Christmas. I'll even bet that the average price of the system alone will reach as high as $2,500 maybe even $3,000 come Christmas time. I don't think there will be another big shipment of PS3s until spring, April'ish per Xbox 360's precedent. If only I was a little quicker to hurry up and wait in line I'd be rich too. I may be waking incredibly early to try and snag a system somewhere around town but only time will tell.

-Update- The average price is already climbing to $3,000 and ps3's aren't even available yet. I guess my prediction was a lil low. Don't be surprised if you see game consoles reach upwards of $5-7,000... maybe even $10,000 at Christmas time.



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