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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jackson has been broken... and fixed again

Jackson had a broken leg on Friday night. I'm still not sure how it happened or who did it to him but I'm certainly not done looking into it. He was running about the house (tearing stuff up as usual) around 6:30 and then a few hours later is locked up in my room with a shattered back leg. He had surgery the following morning to place a pin in his broken leg. Upon going through surgery I had the vet check for additional bruising and such that would show how the leg was broken. The vet did find bruising around his butt and knee areas that shows he was obviously hit in that area to cause the break and didn't get himself stuck in something and break it while he tried to get out. In my room nothing was laid across his body when he was found by Jessica at 9:00 to suggest he ran into something that fell on him and broke his leg by his own actions. I can say that whenever I find out what happened that Friday and find out did this to my dog I will respond legally and to the fullest extent of the law. I have talked about taking legal actions to those I know in the past who have stolen from me (a considerable amount actually) and I eventually calmed down and did nothing about it; however I'm not going to stand idly by this time while someone that I know abuses my dog. It may have just been an honest case of Jackson running underneath someone's foot and being stepped on but even so, no one is talking which is making the entire situation all the more evil.


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