Bloggin Bowman

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Went to the IMA (Indianpolis Museum of Art) with my sculpture class Friday. I ended up taking 4 rolls of film. There was just too much stuff to look at, and it was all great. I actually got to see a real Alexander Calder piece. Even though Walgreens screwed up most of my film by not cutting it right or editing the film to be brighter than it should be, I still had quite a few good shots turn out. Check the flickr.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Toys toys toys

Not even a month after getting my new tv my house is going to get another upgrade. We're getting a hot tub. Not just any hot tub. A freaking 8 person lighted tub with jets, waterfalls and pop-up fountains. Granted we have to now build a deck in under 10 days to accomidate it but we'll have a freaking hot tub! Our neighbors already hate us enough to call the cops on us anytime we have a party so now I guess the cops will just be called even quicker since the parties will be outdoors. The fun begins April 27th. No swimsuits required.