Bloggin Bowman

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Schwimin in da Xbox 360's

Got off work last night and sat in line for my Xbox 360. Some stupid people had been waiting in line since 8 o'clock that morning. I waited for an hour and still got mine. Not only that but once Blaine moves in we'll have 3 Xbox 360's in our house. Pathetic isn't it? Although when it comes closer to xmas and the prices on ebay start to rise... our house might end up makin a nice profit :)

Its seemless how everything works on it though. Music, Pics and Videos* (once I install WinXP Media Center) are all streamed to our Xbox's whenever we want. We can even use all the tons of songs on my computer as soundtracks to play as background music during any game we're playing When an iPod is hooked up to it you get the same options for playing music and using it as an in-game soundtrack, and its just as fast.