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Monday, May 23, 2005

Retard wants his shirt back

I finally got a good Sublime shirt the other day. I didn't even make it out of the mall before I forgot it somewhere. If you find a Sublime shirt looking like this still in the bag somewhere in the Markland Mall... give it to me. I need it. Cause I'm a retard.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

She's not hot

Everyone has their favorites. Fugly. One bagger. Two Bagger. But sometimes those just can't describe her good enough. So in those desperate times when you can't invent your own, use these:

"I'd do everything.... "
  • Butterbody
  • Butterface
  • Butterass
  • Butterboobs
  • Butterteeth

Wanna hack me?

Sounds like you could completely take over my old wireless adapter if you wanted. You don't even have to be that smart. Even I could do it (maybe). The exploit resets the administrator's password giving you complete control. I'm not sure exactly how to do it. The example given sets the administrator password to a blank password:

But if my house is so far away from civilization that I can't get a cellphone signal, I doubt my tiny wireless adapter is at any risk.

Major Nelson thinks the Xbox will be on top

Major Nelson has just posted an analysis between the 360 and PS3. He works for M$/Xbox and the anlysis was done by Xbox engineers. They seem to think the 360 will actually outperform the PS3.

Neither the 360 nor PS3 have finalized their hardware. This comparison could likely change to favor the PS3 once its closer to launch.

Friday, May 13, 2005

It won't be on top forever

After Microsoft unvieled the Xbox 360 on MTV they released what will actually be inside it. The specs really don't mean too much unless game developers can put it to use. It will be fun to finally see photo realistic games. This generation of games, as far as graphics go, went to the Xbox. The most obvious reason is because the 'box came into the game later than Sony.

Even though M$ is bringing the new 'box to store shelves this holiday season it would be foolish to think that it will never be toped. Especially since PS3 and Nintendo's Revolution will debut almost a year after the 'box. The Revolution will be “thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer”. Just like this generation, Nintendo will probably be the smallest.

The PS3 will be featuring Cell processing and have more processors than the 'box. They are also dedicated to backward compatibility where M$ has only said they are 'working on it'. Having an entire library of games to play on a PS3 available as well as the launch games might be enough to swing some buyer's decisions.

Since the PS3 will be out a year after the 'box I may just have enough money saved up again to have both systems. As for the Revolution. The games are probably going to be more inovative than the standard FPS or racing game, but I don't have any desire to play the next generation Pokemon.

Internet from Generous Neighbors

I don’t know how many close neighbors you have but this router from Linksys could come in handy. The Wrt54G actually runs Linux. If you hack it you can turn it into a ‘client’ as well as a router. It will let you log into your neighbor’s WiFi as well as bringing the internet to any computer you have connected to the router.

I could be moving out soon and into a place with lots of close neighbors. Surely you don't expect me to pay $40/month for cable when I could find a generous/clueless neighbor that will give it away for free.

Base Closure Hits Home

The Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center at Grissom is on the list to be closed. CNN has the entire list of bases that could be closed. Only the Marine Navy portion of Grissom is listed. So, I would assume the Air Force and Navy Marine personnel will be staying at Grissom. Not that it matters to me. I'm fired in July :(
Update: The losses are going to be devistating. Grissom will lose 7 people. Indiana overall will gain ~2,200 jobs.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I suck at soldering

Soldering is easy so long as you have time, patience, and skill. Its just too bad I don't have any skill. There are 4 things you need to solder onto the Xbox motherboard to get the mod chip to work:
  • Pin Header (where the chip attaches to the motherboard)
  • LAN indicator light wire
  • HD indicator light wire
  • D0 wire (tells Xbox to boot from the mod chip)
The final wire I needed to solder, the D0, to finish installing the new mod chip is where it all went to hell. Soldering everything else was actually pretty easy. The D0 wire was soldered on there just fine, but I tested it just to see if the wire was secure. It was. So secure in fact that it ended tearing the "D0" lead completely off the motherboard ruining the entire thing. I suck at soldering.

Eventually I'll fix the problem by going to the Llama and getting a replacement motherboard. This time I'll just fork over the extra cash and make them to the soldering for me.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shortcut to XBMC binaries

XBMC can't give you the files you actually put on your Xbox to run their media center. Why? Because somewhere along the line its illegal. They make it known on their site that the files are out there but refuse to give you any pointers on finding them. I'm not like that. I'll help a brother out.

Earlier I pointed you to a tutorial that basically points you to a channel on IRC, #xbins Efnet. After going there, the channel bot informed me that there is an easier way. The shortcut is to just ftp into:
  • host:
  • login: xbins
  • pass: homebrew
From the info in #xbins, builds of the XBMC are posted to that ftp very frequently, if not nightly. It is worth it to see what other homebrew apps #xbins has to offer. There's alot of them. The only reason for the shortcut to XBMC, I would guess, is because its downloaded more often than anything else they offer.

Google maps Area 51

Ever wanted to use Google Maps to see something you weren't allowed to see? Me too. I don't really care about Area 51, but these pictures are fun to look at. These are some of the more interesting things Google Maps is actually allowed to show you about Area 51:

Other interesting Google Satellite Maps like the Neverland Ranch or Bill Gate's house.

Update: Don't believe everything you read on the net... The google maps of 'Area 51' actually map the area around Groom Lake in Southern Nevada and don't really show where the aliens landed.

Xecuter3 is coming

I placed the order for the Xecuter3 today and should be seeing it in my mailbox by Wednesday. Time to put down Forza and start dismantling the old Xbox.

I found a way to get Xbox binaries thanks to NiNo. It sounds alot like the process you go through to get free software from #warez on Efnet. Just get on #xbins and follow NiNo's step-by-step tutorial. It may not cover everything, but it will show you how to grab the files you need to get XBMC or any other app onto your Xbox.

I’ll post what sites I used for guidance and/or problems I ran into while installing the modchip and XBMC. Same goes for when I pickup the Xecuter3 faceplate w/LCD readout.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Podcast review

I listened to the previously listed podcasts. Most of them in their entirety. Overall, I'm pretty impressed.

While the Geek News Central may not be for everyone. (probably not even for me) It did have quite alot of useful info for those of you in the Tech industry. Subjects ranged from Creative Commons and its new applications in Flicker to general discussion over the new Tiger OS X release.

Dawn and Drew are definately not for everybody. Like most comedy radio talkshows, it has its funny moments. I just find it hard to recommend a husband and wife 'shooting the shit' talkshow over Bob and Tom's '5 million listeners can't be wrong' radio program.

The iPodlounge podcast contains alot of useful info to those new to the iPod world. Since I have already scoured most of their site in search of info for my iPod most of what he had to say was old news. It covered low to high priced headphones and standalone speaker systems as well as a few new features to their website. It did make some comparisons of the iPod to the PSP which would definately be of interest to those shopping the portable media player market. Not bad overall, but since this was only their second podcast future versions may prove to be more informative.

Now I've got to get back to making my new 400GB Segate HD play nice with Windows and convince my old beatup Thinkpad that Linux is good for it.

Update - The thinkpad puked when I tried to feed it Linux. Piece of crap.

Trying out podcasting

I've heard the comments on podcasting before and how great it is. Now I'm trying it out for myself. Over at there is a great little app that will keep you up to date on all the podcasts you can throw at it. It also includes a few lists that will hopefully bring me some good content. There is a list of the top 50 podcasts they track. Also, some other popular lists are there to help you sort through the podcasts that might not be worth your time.

I'm currently subscribed to:
  • Reel Reviews Radio
  • Inside Mac Radio
  • Engadget
  • iPodlounge
  • Geek News Central
  • The Dawn and Drew Show
If any of these suck, I'll let you know.

Monday, May 02, 2005

First of Many?

I'm just doing this to keep track of stuff I find on the web. Maybe I'll put it all to use one day. Probably not. Here's today's finds:
Let me know of anywhere that offers XBMC binaries. Microsoft is ok with me; but, there's no way I'm going to pay for a XDK just to compile some code that will make my Xbox illegal and banned from Live.